TLC Farm

At the confluence of rural farm land and native forest in an urban center, TLC Farm demonstrates how sustainable living techniques can further goals often perceived as contradictory: urban density of human habitat inside the growth boundary, combined with not only conservation of natural resources and public greenspace, but actual enhancement of native ecosystems.

TLC Farm facilitates a diversity of movements, communities and individuals in the Portland region to:

  • educate ourselves and each other regarding skills, values, and paradigms for holistic human integration into our ecosystems;
  • experience a sustainable urban ecology as possible, practical, and desirable; and
  • emerge as empowered co-creators of a well-functioning network of cultures, economies, and polities of deep change.

The site is nestled into Tryon Creek State Park, a 650-acre ecosystem of towering firs, cedars and diverse Northwest forest. Just a few hundred feet from the steelhead-bearing creek lie these seven acres of rolling meadow, gardens, homes, naturally-built structures, and wooded cliffs: a unique sustainability educational facility and community gathering place.

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  1. Great to learn about you! I am in a regenerative land management course…and part of the course involves the participants doing internships to gain hands on experience and further their learning…are you able to host interns? What kind of farming/gardening is happening there?

    1. We have goats, chickens, permaculture inspired gardens and indigenous technique inspired gardens. A community of native americans live on the land and teach their techniques to their larger community. I’m still early in learning, but I’m excited to learn more.