Need for Resources

Hello everyone, I am Eliud Omutanyi from Butere.
We have a project titled Towards Food and Environmental Security, which is aimed at providing food through proper organic methods and safe environment preservation practices. In carrying out the project above, we have outlined activities that will be taking place. These are
1. training of the community members and farmers on proper organic farming methods
2. provision of good and viable seeds that are free from genetic modification
3. creation of tree nurseries so as to have trees that will be planted in efforts of mitigating effects of climate change.
Considering that ours is a young organization we kindly request for assistance in the following areas
1. training items for our farmers
2. viable seeds free from genetic modification
3. project administration expenses
4. assistance in creating more tree nurseries or buying of trees seedlings for planting

Yours assistance and collaboration will go a long way in serving this community on this community-initiated project.
Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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  1. Hello Eliud. I would like more information and help out in some capacity

    1. Hello Jangee, I would love to help, please let me know how I can assist you. Thank you for joining us.