Intention for Be the Bee Collective

  • Intention for Be the Bee Collective

  • Brittney Johnson

    October 25, 2020 at 2:56 am


    Be the Bee Collective, LLC is a prosperity plan offered within Living Earth Solutions (508c1a) as a way to network the bee community to better facilitate communication and resources around current challenges and solutions within the bee network.

    We’re supporting the efforts for anyone who aspires to explore bee guardianship and would like to activate the prosperity plan of the bee businesses.

    Within our Prosperity Portal we are culturing a repository of solutions that anyone can “plug and play” according to their situation and alignment. This is truly an opportunity to invest in your core life values.

    Our highest intention is to ground these solutions into the earth, through the integration of regenerative prosperity plans within our collective land trust, gifting Mother Earth back to herself and living in right relations with her and one another.

    We have the capability to use technology to connect global and activate local through our ability to align on our shared values. This creates community beyond borders – where we can create a global collective without a globalist agenda because our solutions mobilize and strengthen local communities.

    We have network support for supply and demand chains, online marketing support and collective store, and a community of mentors ready to pass along the legacy of beekeeping.

    How would you like to join Be the Bee Collective?

    Apply for sponsorship to become a bee steward

    • Application

    • Education (attunement)

    • Connect to teachers

  • Practicum

    • Connect to mentors and land opportunities

    Pollinator Guilds

    • Student

    • Apprentice

    • Educator

    • Mentor

    • Beekeeping Supplier

    • Wholesale distributors for bee products

    • Pollinator Services & Opportunities

    Interweave with Guilds

    • Practitioners (healers)

    • Pollinator seed sets//Heirloom Seed Companies

    • Ecological design

    Each for profit organization that provides services or supplies can donate a % of their monthly profits to the Be the Bee Collective Fund or gift an annual donation.

    These donations will be funneled into collective projects that will continue to feed into the motherfund. Let’s collectively decide where to swarm our regenerative efforts.

    In return for organizations’ donations, we will be collectively marketing each other, creating a mycelial marketing movement that starts to weave our tapestry stronger, together.

    We believe education is free and work in partnership with schools who support our efforts in passing down the traditions and wisdom of beekeeping.

    We provide a mentorship and apprenticeship program to those inspired to cultivate the important role of bee stewardship, and we want to support those who want to activate the Be the Bee Collective by providing easier access to supplies, latest research and development, and creating more overall coherence and harmony within bee culture.

    Our partnerships with for-profit organizations and ability to receive bee-focused support will allow us to more adequately support the Rise of the Bees!

    We are holding 5 spaces for the Bee Spiral Council – from here, more may be added to the council if the core feels that is necessary to fulfill the vision of the collective.

    How would you like to play in Be the Bee Collective?

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