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SUPPORT – Global Earth Repair Patreon Channel From May 3rd to May 5th, in Port Townsend, WA, we assembled with leaders in the global movement to restore life to huge parts of Earth’s landscapes. The amazing science and personal stories that these visionaries, indigenous leaders, activists, teachers, artists, writers and accomplished earth-repairers shared with us changed a story of hopelessness and sadness into one of action and inspiration. We CAN come together, now, to bring stability to the planet and abundance to the people and to nature, all at the same time. All of this corresponds to solid laws of chemistry, geology, biology, and physics – and it’s long overdue that we shift the conversation about climate and biosphere collapse to SUPPORTING life through restoring the water, carbon, minerals and other essential nutrients to the land and bio-systems of this living planet. We and so many others see this world as one being of interconnected organs, and those organs are being deprived of essential nutrients (like water and fundamental minerals) simply because of ancient and current decisions by human civilization. The content in our presentations contains real stories of success and the hard science behind this fundamental change in how we see the problem – and how we choose to act on it! SUPPORT – Global Earth Repair Patreon Channel

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