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  • Hannah Apricot Eckberg

    May 24, 2019 at 8:44 pm

    David and Colleagues,

    Regarding industrial forest landscapes, there is one trend I find innovative. 1) Nisqually Land Trust has recently worked with timber communities near Randall, WA to step into the industrial timber market and acquire thousands of acres of forest lands to be managed in perpetuity for community benefit. https://salishsearestoration.org/wiki/Nisqually_Land_Trust

    On public lands, I’d pay attention to the forest collaboratives as a starting point for either investigation or intervention. South Gifford-Pinchot Collaborative has an impact on National Forest policy – http://southgpc.org/

    Personally, I consider illicit planting as an ineffective ecological solution to a deep rooted social problem. Might feel good in the moment though, and nothing wrong with that. If you do want to identify targets for direct action, I would recommend spending time studying the social system, and identifying the targets and audiences. MLK was so effective because he knew exactly what he was after within a specific power structure, and would create just the right spectacle to force the decision. Increment by increment. He could do this because he was a student of the systems he was influencing.

    If industrial forestry is your system, then I suspect you need to understand TIMOs and shifting ownership patterns, the state rules and allies that are trying to affect private timberland management, and the regional consolidation of private timberland ownership around mills, and the difference between small and large private forestland ownership.

    The website SalishSeaRestoration.org is where I do research and describe the intersection of social and ecological systems in Puget Sound. I have 30 years of experience in land use, and 15 inside federal, state, and local government systems. So if there is any topic I can research that would help your pondering, let me know. I hope to work with Hanna over time to offer training in strategic planning, project development and grant writing for local activists, if that would be useful.

    I also offer free cartographic services to local groups with a plan.

    Best wishes,