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  • Hannah Apricot Eckberg

    May 21, 2019 at 5:05 pm

    David wow! So good. I like John’s answer a lot. John D Liu when you hear him talk (link to some of his videos here), is indeed a very professional authority on restoration. So its it a little shocking and pleasantly surprising to hear his answer (though I am not actually surprised as I heard him say similar things on the last day of the #GlobalEarthRepair conference, Sunday in a panel discussion). And I love your honest sharing of your response to his answer over time. I think he and many others would agree with Han. I am actually hearing the same answer from permies friends of mine to just go ahead and plant the sloppy harvested DNR land all around our private lake road community. While the GERC conference was happening, and continuing now I hear the loud caustic sounds of machines killing the forest all around us. We will soon be an island of forest in the devastation. We plan on insisting they do not spray the land and poison our ground water, air and soil. I wonder of the “Rights of Nature” people presenters at GERC could help. I have a garden on the DNR land they cleared 5 yrs ago and wish to plant food forests. I wonder if that conversation, the one where they realize that by the time they have another harvest, in 50 yrs, it will be too late, probably illegal to harvest trees, and likely the 6th mass extinction of humans, unless we restore the earth ecosystems and grow food and earth and water and clean air instead.

    Please do not remove any of the good stuff in your article. The Real. John D Liu is awesome. He would encourage honest feelings and thoughts.