Connecting to
Regenerate the Planet

Weaver Network is a Global Directory and Mapping Tool for organizations, communities, projects, people, platforms, events, and resources.


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Join with permaculturists, regenerative agriculturists, designers/teachers/community organizers, agroforesters, ecovillage members, mutual aid networks, transition towns, and the many other like minded folks across the globe working to repair the Web of Life. The Weaver Network is,

  • A Data Commons for grassroots-driven Planetary Regenesis 
  • Collaborative workspace to host conversation and form working groups / guilds
  • Cottage Industry store to buy and sell eco-friendly goods and services, classes, events and other offerings
  • A Platform Cooperative supporting the transition to an economy based on values of regeneration, living systems & localism

More About Weaver

It is time to help repair the Web of Life by creating stronger connections and collaboration. The Weaver Network was created to help coordinate and map people and communities working to heal the planet, our social structures, and build equitable economic systems. It is a place to find unity in our diversity, and strength through cooperation. 

Some of the Working Groups/ Guilds on
Weaver Network

Suburban/Urban Permaculture Guild
A group for those that think “food forest” where others see “grass lawn”. Link up with others in your area working to localize food production in cities and neighbourhoods.
Global Earth Repair Foundation
Global Earth Repair Conference brougth together more than 600 earth repair practitioners, grass-roots activists, farmers, scientists, indigenous leaders and supporters to talk about the social and technical aspects of earth repair and ecosystem restoration at local, regional, state, national and international levels.
Perma Youth Guild
For those aged 25 and under using permaculture and other regenerative methods to create the world you want to live in.
Facilitators Pool
Group process experts who are called to support the transition to community-managed resources, find your future co-hosts, diversify your toolbox, and discover opportunities!
Teacher’s Guild
Do you teach permaculture, regenerative agriculture, or offer another form or Earth Repair Curriculum? This is a place to let others find out about your offerings and share resources and best practices with colleagues.
Alternative Education Guild
Join the conversation on Montessori, Waldorf, Outdoor Education, Free Schools, etc. If you are an educator, student , parent or otherwise interested in this subject share your thoughts and learn about alternative education.

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